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A Northern Power Generation Company Limited owns and operates thermal power generation facilities located at Muzaffargarh, Multan and Faisalabad. Installed capacity of the generating assets is 1,921 MW. A complex pattern of internal and external factors constrain operating and financial performance of the company. The company has been operating with a negative bottom line, which has jeopardized sustainability. 

Government of Pakistan aims to address the country’s power sector issues by implementing Power Sector Reform Program. As part of the program the public sector thermal power generation companies (GENCOs), including NPGCL were required to develop and implement Business Plans to effectively respond to constraints and obstacles to satisfactory performance. 


The company is wholly owned by the Government. Since the incorporation of the company in 1998 after unbundling of WAPDA, PEPCO has been managing financial, human resource and procurement matters of the company. PEPCO is likely to be wound up by the 3rd quarter of 2011 that may lead to full corporate autonomy of the company within public sector. 


“Generation of Electric Power dependably and efficiently without compromising on environment standards” 


“To emerge as the most reliable and economical public sector generation company operating with optimal efficiency, observing strict emission controls and catering for wellbeing of public in general and its work force in particular.” 

Board of Directors
1- Prof. Dr. Tabrez Aslam Shami, Chairman/ Director
2- Mr. Muhammad Irfan Akram, Director
3- Mr. Muhammad Umar Khan, Director
4- Mr. Muhammad Akram Arain, Director
5- Mr. Abdul Qayyum Malik, Director
6-Mr. Alam Zeb Khan NED/Sr. JS (Admn) Ministry of Energy/ Director
7- Mr. Javed Iqbal Khan NED/ JS Finance Division/ Director
8- Mr. Shahid Mahmood, NED/ CEO GENCO Holding Co. Ltd./ Director
9- Mr. Sabeeh Uz Zaman Faruqui, CEO NPGCL / Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
Sabeeh Uz Zaman Faruqui
Chief Financial Officer/ Company Secretary
Mr. Amir Zakee
Manager Supply Chain
Engr. Muhammad Akram Shaikh

External Environment 

Present market composition, size and structure as well as the regulatory regime have been assessed with an assessment of likely market trends in short and medium term to map strategic positioning of the company. Pakistan power sector is under severe demand pressure and is likely to remain so until a foreseeable future. 

Thermal power is more expensive as compared to hydro power. Gas is a cheaper fuel for power generation in Pakistan but gas reserves are depleting and new discoveries are not on the horizon. Furnace oil is more expensive and exposed to price volatility. Increased dependence of power sector on furnace oil in the recent years has impacted electricity price in the country. However, until power mix shifts back in favor of hydro power and new gas discoveries are made, oil fired plants are expected to remain in full possible production, constrained only by affordability factors. Any expansion in oil fired capacity is therefore not likely to be a right direction.

Future Opportunity 

Demand and supply situation, fuel prices and availability constraints and internal weaknesses of the company limit the choices available for expansion. Replacement of gas fired capacity with more efficient plants after dependable allocation of gas quota is one of the few opportunities for expansion for the company. 

Installed Capacity Of NPGCL (GENCO-III) 

The following are the power plants falling under administrative control of NPGCL (GENCOIII), 

1. Thermal Power Station Muzaffargarh.

3 x 210 Steam Unit Russian Made = 630 MW  

2 x 200 Steam Unit Chinese Made = 400 MW 

320 Steam Unit Chinese Made. = 320 MW 

Total Capacity = 1350 MW 


4 X 25 MW Gas Turbine Units open Cycle = 100 MW 

4 GTs with CCP = 147 MW Total Capacity = 247 MW 


2 x 66 Steam Units = 132 MW 

Total Capacity = 132 MW 


4 X 65 Steam Units = 260 MW 

Total Capacity = 260 MW



4 x 14.75 First Gas Turbine = 59 MW 

2 x 13 Westinghouse GTs = 26 MW 

Total Capacity = 85 MW


Thermal Power Station Muzaffargarh is linked with National Grid by the following feeders.
1. 220KV Pakgen
2. 220KV KAPCO
3. 220KV Multan-I
4. 220KV Multan-III
5. 220KV Multan-IV
6. 220KV AES Lalpir-I
7. 220KV AES Lalpir-II
8. 220KV Bahawalpur-I
9. 220KV Bahawalpur-II
10. 220KV PARCO-I
11. 220KV PARCO-II
12. 220KV 500KV-1 Grid
13. 220KV 500KV-2 Grid
14. 220KV New Muzaffargarh


Total fuel storage capacity is 2,32,000 M.T. Furnace Oil is transported by tank lorries and Railway wagons up to decanting system of the Power Station.
Natural gas is being provided by M/s SNGPL.


35 Tube wells having capacity of 110 cusecs, on both sides of Taliri/Ganash Canal are providing cooling water to the Power House as well as to the Colony by means of under ground pipelines.


Technical Details of Power Plants under NPGCL 

Unit No Make Model Commissioning Installed Fuel
Date Capacity Type
1 TPE Russia K-210-130-8 09.09.1993 210 F.O/Gas
2 23.03.1994 210
3 20.02.1995 210
4 China N320- 23.12.1997 320
5 Harbin China N210 Steam 14.02.1995 200
6 Turbo 14.08.1995 200
B-NGPS Piran Ghaib Multan
1 A.E.G 1960 13.05.1960 65 F.O/Gas
2 A.E.G 1960 03.03.1960 65
3 A.E.G 1963 11.07.1963 65
4 A.E.G 1963 01.11.1963 65
C-SPS Faisalabad
1 Westinghouse (USA) 11.06.1967 66 F.O/Gas
2 15.11.1967 66
D-GTPS Faisalabad
1 Frame-V Simple cycle gas turbine PG-5341 09.03.1975 25 HSD/Gas
2 AEG Kanis 10.03.1975 25
3 West 04.05.1975 25
4 Germany 06.03.1975 25
5 Combined cycle 31.07.1975 25
6 gas turbine PG- 05.07.1975 25
7 5341 10.07.1975 25
8 14.11.1975 25
9 HPE Co. N47-39.5 28.12.1994 44
E-GTPS Shahadara Lahore
1 Westinghouse USA W171G 03.08.1966 13 Gas
2 27.09.1966 13
3 Fiat Grandi TG-16 06.05.1969 14.75
4 Motori Italy 28.05.1969 14.75
5 24.09.1969 14.75
6 31.08.1969 14.75
F-CCPP Nandipur
GT 1~3 M/s GE (France) 2014-15 114 Gas/RLNG
ST-4 M/s Dong Fang Electric  Corporation Ltd. (China) 2015 183




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